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Well, Nick and I went to the Taronga Centre yesterday. It was nice,… - Sutekh Weddings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 20th, 2005|11:52 am]
Sutekh Weddings


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Well, Nick and I went to the Taronga Centre yesterday. It was nice, but a bit less classy than we expected. The views however are fabulous, and they still really are easy with regards to the one price covering everything. We're looking around at other options, but it's definitely looking likely. However, it means we're probably going to have the wedding on the Friday, rather than the Sunday. That's because for Sunday they have a 15% surcharge, and on Saturday they have a minimum booking requirement of 110. So. Friday definitely looking good.

We also met up with the rector, and he was lovely, and neither of us had a problem with the stuff we would have to say and agree to if we go ahead with an Anglican ceremony, so that's one less headache.

I also tried on some dresses, with Nick (yeh, yeh, fuck tradition!). We just popped into a store in Petersham (Paramatta Rd.) on Friday, and since they weren't busy, the lady let me try on dresses. The lady was absolutely lovely, and I'd be very happy to buy from her. I tried on about five dresses, and two of them were wonderful! If I don't end up liking the dress in Roseville as much as I have online, then I'll probably go with one of those two instead. They're more expensive (like, by around a $1000!), but one was Duchess satin, and the other was Thai silk (which it turns out neither Nick nor I like. Italian silk was much nicer, REALLY soft, and sat beautifully, but unfortunately too light for the style of dress I liked, which needs the heaviness), whereas the one in Roseville was not. If I love the dress in Roseville though I don't give a damn what fabric it is, and then it would be cheaper anyway. But the advantage to the Petersham place (Peretti) was that when you order the dress they make it to fit you perfectly, and they also allow you to make adjustments, to the emboidery style, and stuff like that, so it's like getting a custom dress, but for a lot less. Unfortunately their website doesn't have pictures of the dresses I liked, so I can't post them.

Also, for Julia's information: the woman at the zoo (who was pretty fucking useless generally, but fortunately she won't actually be coordinating if we go with them) said that when people use the lawns at the zoo for functions, the marquee hire starts at $8000 which is fucking huge. I just thought you should know that, so you can start looking around now and seeing if it's going to be feasible.