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Carrington squee [Aug. 14th, 2005|07:43 pm]
Sutekh Weddings


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Nick and I had our first post-paid our deposit meeting at The Carrington on Saturday. We love the place, and the service, more and more. We spent an hour and a half going over the check list, and Kiralee filled in all the fields with the info we already have (names of bridal party members, ceremony venue, type of dinner, music etc etc) and that's what we'll be doing at most of our meetings, just updating that, with her help and suggestions. Kiralee was really helpful, and she's getting married in October and reassuringly is having her own wedding at the place she does weddings for other people. That's always confidence-inducing. They're really flexible on everything (eg we've changed the champagne to our favourite type, instead of being forced to stick with theirs). And the best thing from this visit? They do menu taste testings on Sundays, so Nick and I thought we'd go to Katoomba on our three-year anniversary, which is Sat, 17th December, stay the night, and then do the tasting as a yummy and posh lunch the next day. Kiralee looked up the date and said sadly there was a function that had booked out the Dining Room for that day, but we could do dinner instead, and if we could take the day off work the next day, she'd throw in a free room for the night. Holy crap these people provide fantastic service! I'm totally pimping The Carrington for weddings from now on! It's a stunning place, a great price for what's included, and the service is impeccable!