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Some sites [Aug. 1st, 2006|11:10 pm]
Sutekh Weddings


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For Julia:

This is where we're getting the bridesmaid dresses. The site sucks, I suggest just going and seeing them, but the site has it's address, phone number, and opening hours, which are all useful! http://www.parkavenuebridal.com.au/profile.html

I don't know if you've already got a suit place in mind (I recall you went for fittings awhile ago?), but this is where we're getting ours, and they're just across the road from the dress shop: http://www.spurling.com.au/

This is the cake place. Just fantastic: the lady's is lovely, and very very cluey. Her cakes taste great (and she gave us fuckloads to take home a try the flavours, enough for dessert for us both. And then we wanted to try a specific flavour, so she made it for us.) The cakes look awesome, and she really understands when you explain stuff that you want, and very reasonable (for wedding cakes: they're fucking expensive after all, but in the inner west you'll be paying shit loads more): http://www.theacubis.com/

The shoe place's site doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but they are called Amore Bridal Shoes. I'll get the number to you asap. In fact, I think I have a business card in my wallet, so I'll give it to you in person.

I think that's all you wanted for now...

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